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Women who work full time take home about 82 cents for every dollar a full-time male worker is paid.

One year out of college, women are already paid significantly less than men.

Unless things change, the pay gap will not close til 2106 — that’s why we’re empowering women nation-wide with salary negotiation skills — and working to change polices and employer culture.

Learn how to research your target salary, highlight your accomplishments and find the right words — and the confidence — to negotiate for better benefits and pay.


You can sign up for a free in-person workshop or  online course, which takes less than two hours to complete and can be done at your own pace.

Negotiating increases your potential to earn more — and can make the difference for paying off loans, supporting your family, buying what you want and need and saving for the future.

AAUW's salary negotiation programs have trained over 180K women to negotiate their salaries and benefits to date

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