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Welcome AAUW-Walla Walla Members!

We extend a special welcome to our newest members of AAUW-Walla Walla! With each member, new and old, we seek to build a foundation for long-lasting support on women's issues in the Walla Walla Valley and far beyond.

We are grateful to be a vibrant organization that advocates for women in a variety of ways. Locally, we connect our members with advocacy opportunities, activities that directly impact women in our community, and also opportunities to get together and have fun with fellow members.

We strive to put the focus on not only attracting new members, but also on building relationships and meaningful connection that encourage a branch membership that grows stronger each year -- not just bigger.

Please let us know how we are doing as we are open to feedback and ideas!

Join Us in Welcoming Our Latest Members!

Contact information is available in the online directory, found in our "members only" section of this website (log-in required).

Newest members are added to the top of the list

Joined in 2023

Linda Scott

Erin Hanley

Kelly Knight

Amanda McNulty

Lauri McNey

Deborah Groth May

Joined in 2022

Kim Lawbaugh

Linda Yoes

Kathy Larson

Claudia Warren

Erin Wells

Sherry Rizutti

Michael Dolan

Amanda Wernert

Brooke Marshall

Tracy Williams

Rebecca Tibbetts

Amanda Anderson

Danielle Garbe Reser

Kelly Paul

Judith Light

Ginette Raygor

Lia Prins

Mimi Brown

Lori Dohe

Lori Moro

Heidi McFarley

Samantha Kelley

Kellie Bond

Isabella "Bella" Smith

Jimmye Angell-Erickson

Julie Richard

Meg Eubanks

Sherry Wachter

Peggy Haug

Korrie Beemer

Ann Counsell

Emily Anderson

Nancy Driver

Montana Lopez

Nancy Abel

Susan Wickham

Annie Charnley Eveland

Staci Simmelink

Katie Donlin

Amy Schwab

Sara Strickland

Bayley Sandy Rea

Lee Merrill

Kathryn McDaniel

Janeen Harbert

Joined in 2021

Eileen Kelly

Susan Wollett

Kathy McConnell

Margaret Jamison

Nadine Stecklein

Cindy Gregoire

Kathryn Amende

Julie Charlip

Christy Parkin

Lori Richert

Carrie Givens

Sandy Thomson Yolanda Lewellyn Laura Hope Rochelle Short Jennifer King Diane Ver Valen Nila Howard Karen Reedy

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