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How to start your own interest group

It all started at a book sort. Kay Raddatz, our sort leader and book sale aficionado introduced me to Mimi Morgan, and we proceeded to sort through some children's books together. Mimi happened to be wearing a shirt with something about the Sorbonne (Paris University) on it and I was instantly intrigued. I had actually met someone who shared my love for the French language. We decided it would be fun to get together and speak French, fueled by perhaps snacks and a taste of wine that might release our tongues and promote a good French accent. We found another member by inquiring in our local branch newsletter for other like-minded francophones. Our group is still new, but now includes Donna Murray, and we have bonded over sharing something of ourselves in the process of practicing a bit of French. (From left to right, Mimi, Donna and moi ( Helen Brownell)

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