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First Pop-Up Sale a Success!

Our Fiction Pop-Up Sales, October 9 and 10 were a huge success, bringing in $6883.50. The new chip readers for credit card sales worked well and the volunteers quickly learned the new technology. We limited the sales to 20 shoppers at one time and only for about 30 minutes on Saturday morning did we have 10 – 15 people waiting outside. We had two unpleasant “mask incidents”.

There are 296 shifts necessary to set up and run the Pop-Up Sales, compared to 223 shifts for the February Book Sale. We have 23 shifts left to fill. Please contact Kay Raddatz at to volunteer for a shift - or utilize the sign up link sent to members by Kay.

Our remaining Pop-Up Sales are as follows:

Oct 16 & 17 Collectibles

Oct 23 Cookbooks

Picture Books

Chapter Books

Oct 24 Science Fiction

Young Adult

Oct 30 DVDs & CDs


Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Oct 31 US/World History

NW History

Military History

Political Commentary


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