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Fall Luncheon on the Palouse

Kathy Jones, Judy Peasley (AAUW-Walla Walla) and Judy Blair (AAUW-TriCities) traveled to Palouse country to enjoy a fabulous lunch prepared by Yvonne Berliner (AAUW-TriCities) Mary Williams, our fearless AAUW-Wa president also was in the area and joined us.

The ladies report it was an especially delicious meal with tastes from Yvonne's world travels and a fabulous garden tour to cap off the meal. The only disappointment was not having a sighting of the mama moose with her twins who frequent Yvonne's garden. Maybe next time!

As Judy Blair said, "Times like these are some of the most valued benefits of belonging to AAUW-WA!"

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