Blue Zones Purpose Workshop

Updated: Nov 14

You have a purpose. Maybe you want to figure out what your "thing" is? Maybe you're living it or need to rediscover it? Your purpose -- the reason you exist -- isn't just about what you feel called to do, it's why.

The FREE Purpose Workshop can help you pinpoint your individual purpose and find your “why.” The two-hour interactive workshop will help you rediscover your strengths and talents that can help you lead a more purposeful life. (Watch a short YouTube video that explores Purpose Workshops a little more.)

Hosts: AAUW & Blue Zones Project - Walla Walla Valley

Facilitator: Rebecca Thorpe

Who: AAUW Members and their guest(s)

Cost: FREE

Click HERE to register. Please mark “not applicable” when you get to the “Select Organization” part of the registration form.

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