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AAUW Candidate Comparison Tools

Great news!

The AAUW Candidate Comparison Tools are available. Use these tools to review incumbents’ positions on key AAUW-WA policy issues in 2022. The comparisons use verifiable data. Legislator Scorecards use bill voting records from BillTrack50 verified by StateNet. You can then use the provided templates as guides when comparing candidates in specific districts.

Use the Candidate Comparison Tools to get to know your legislators and how they stand on AAUW policy positions. Ask your legislators why they voted the way the did on any specific bill.


Over the last five years there has been an alarming trend of legislators voting in opposition to women’s rights bills in WA state. Please review candidates for their positions on women’s rights. We cannot afford to elect more legislators who oppose women’s issues.

Here is an overview.

The website instructions are evolving, but the tools are available now so that you can prepare your questions for candidates and be prepared for this very important election cycle.

Review the 2022 Legislative Reports at the state level.

  • Download the 2022 Candidate Comparison chart/table. This informative chart lists each WA legislator and their vote in 2022 on AAUW policy issues. Specific Senate and House bills (i.e., SB5761 or HB1736) are listed at the top of each column before the list of legislative votes.

  • Select 2022 Legislator Scoring to open an AAUW-WA report for 2022 in BillTrack50. This report is a report card for each legislator on AAUW-WA issues. It can be filtered by categories such as Education or Healthcare. You do not need an account to view this information.

a. The Summary tab lists each legislator and scores their votes in relation to our policy preferences. Click on a legislator and you’ll see a page with details such as the legislators vote by category, a vote index and score, and votes by bill with some explanatory comments.

b. The Legislation tab lists each bill by number and name, its progress, etc.

c. The Bill Score tab is determined by the most recent vote weighted by the score given to the bill by AAUW-WA.

d. The Vote Index tab indicate the percentage of the time the legislator voted “correctly” based on the policy preference.

e. The Maps tab shows each district’s score by category for the House, Senate, or both. This clearly shows where there is work to do!

** Create an account to generate your own scorecards to track the legislators, bills, and committees as you wish. If you want a detailed explanation of each tab, you’ll find it here: Great! I made a scorecard! Now what do the different scores actually mean?

Use the templates to create your own candidate comparison reports.

You will need to print these templates to use them; you cannot edit them online.

Important to remember:

  • AAUW advocacy Tools are designed to be nonpartisan—be careful about partisan language.

  • Focus on issues.

  • Do not refer to issues as Democrat or Republican issues.

  • Do not use R and D outside the common election context.

  • Do not use AAUW-branded information outside of AAUW. Any use of “AAUW” must be approved on the national level.

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